• Grilled meat and decorated vegetables
  • Snacks and three dips
  • Yellow cocktail
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About us

Takito Kitchen is a modern taqueria nestled in the heart of Wicker Park, renowned for its innovative Mexican-inspired fare crafted from the freshest ingredients. Our menu boasts an impressive 100% gluten-free selection, and we take pride in concocting margaritas with hand-squeezed, premium juices. With an ambiance that seamlessly balances playfulness, allure, and sophistication, we promise a dining experience that transcends your culinary expectations.

Our Story

Mario Ponce's journey from a young restaurant worker to the creator of Takito Kitchen is truly inspiring. His vision for a contemporary, urban take on Mexican cuisine has not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving guests eager for more. It's remarkable to hear that after a decade, the restaurant still garners praise from critics and locals alike. Ponce's reflection on the value of care in employment is a powerful reminder of what truly matters. It's evident that this ethos has contributed to the outstanding culture within his business. His story is a testament to the impact of passion and genuine care in the culinary industry.


○ Takito Kitchen transforms familiar Mexican ingredients into a sensory delight. We prioritize local, in-season produce for freshness. Notable achievements include winning Baconfest and our acclaimed Crispy Fish tacos. Our daily-made salsas and "made-to-order" tortillas ensure crazy freshness.


○ "These are the best margaritas I've ever had." Our margaritas are frequently praised as the best. We use fresh fruit and craft our own salts. Tequila enthusiasts will be impressed by our selection.


○ What sets Takito Kitchen apart is our genuinely friendly, smart, and forward-thinking staff. The mutual warmth shared between staff and guests is truly exceptional. But don't just take our word for it—our reviews speak for themselves, consistently surpassing expectations.